What you are trying is impossible

It is impossible to combine work and motherhood. But poetry starts from impossibility. An Alice Oswald interview. Cut out of The Guardian and glued into a notebook. As I would say more generally, constraints liberate. Given your impossible limitations – of time, form, talent – do what is possible.

Finding a voice

I was away in Northumbria last week leading a Dark Angels writing course. One area we explored is the different ways of finding “voice” – whether that’s your own voice, the voice of a character or the voice of an organisation you might be writing for. So, rather fitting to stumble across this piece from […]

Walking, writing, photographing

A forlorn beach hut. I’m writing about Rye Harbour Nature Reserve as part of a residency project with creative collective 26.org.uk.  It’s a beautiful place, but my word is it windy! Hard to hold the camera steady outdoors. And the few notes I scribbled in my book are almost indecipherable. But this process of walking, photographing and […]