Apple, Siri and Found Poems

I was reading today about the Siri app on iPhone 4s. Basically, you can ask your phone a question, or give it a task to do, and it will understand what you mean and respond. It recognises natural language instructions, and apparently does a rather good job of it. Googling around for information about how […]

Reading with White Rabbit

An interesting new writerly experience for me last week. I was lucky enough to have one of my stories selected for a public reading by the lovely people at White Rabbit a while ago, and on Wednesday I went along to a pub in Ashford to see it performed. I’ve read my own stories to […]

Staying analogue

(This post started life as a comment added to someone else’s blog. Thought I might add it here, too) I bought myself an iPad last week – or rather, it finally arrived last week – so that I had another way of writing when out and about. I’ve since been reflecting on the “cool” new […]

Today’s favourite word: Cummerbund

I just updated my membership of 26, the brilliant community of creative business writers. As part of the process, I had to nominate my favourite word. I don’t really have one of those. Or if I do, it would probably take days of ruminations to decide what it might be. So, in a hurry, I […]

South Bank Poetry

Walking along the south bank of the Thames today, I came across a wonderful poetry installation. Called the Lion and the Unicorn, it’s part of the Festival of Britain anniversary celebrations. Hope the images from my Blackberry are legible.

A short story in slides – I attempt digital fiction

This is my first stab at “digital fiction”. Scroll down to read about how I made it, and why… So…What an inspiring and mind-numbingly frustrating few days.Over the weekend I went to another excellent workshop organised by the lovely people at East Kent Live Lit. This one was all about digital storytelling. At the helm was Andy […]

My Big Night at the Komedia

Komedia, but not this Sunday I did my reading at the wonderful Komedia Theatre in Brighton this week, for Story Studio. What an amazing experience! The venue was much bigger than I expected, and had sold out – they were actually turning people away at the door. I know they weren’t lining up to see me, but […]