Out of Winter – a booklet of haiku

33 haiku with illustrations

Out of Winter is a little concertina booklet that collects 33 illustrated haiku I made as part of a daily walking and writing practice. All of the creative work was done on the spot and in the moment. My brilliant mate Michael Gough turned them into this beautiful booklet.

I like to think that all the haiku are very different. But as the poet Billy Collins says, “Almost every haiku says the same thing: it’s amazing to be alive here.” And while I’m quoting poets, here’s something lovely from superstar Japanese haiku powerhouse Madoka Mayuzumi: “Because haiku are short and cannot be explained, the unsaid parts between the lines reveal the most important part of yourself.”

So, if you want to meet the most important part of me, this is the booklet to buy. You can get one here